• Education
  • SearchAllIndia – Has a Long Way to Go!

    SearchAllIndia is an Indian blog based around topics related to the Indian education system. It aims to share information that will be useful for students in the country, which is probably something they will really appreciate given the lack of quality information in the country to help strengthen their understanding of education.

    Has It Delivered Yet?

    To be very honest, SearchAllIndia hasn’t really posted much about topics that would indeed turn out to be very helpful for Indian students. While it covers quite a few different topics, not many of its posts talk in detail about the practical topics that the students could really do with learning more about.

    With that being said, some of the topics it covers such as distance education, higher education, school education, homeschooling and more may turn out to be useful for students particularly interested in them. However, apparently, it still needs to cover many different topics, especially the ones related to various career options available in the country, to truly turn into an authoritative blog on Indian education.

    Simple Design

    The blog seems to have hit the spot as far as the design is concerned, simply because it was probably careful enough to realize that most Indian students (especially those living in the rural areas) aren’t tech savvy enough to get used to an advanced design.

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    The blog’s design is simple, and apparently, most readers shouldn’t have any problem navigating the site and finding the information they are interested in.

    Areas to Work On

    As mentioned earlier, the blog may really want to consider posting about more practical topics that are indeed something most Indian students want to learn more about, especially the ones related to the different career options available in the country.

    Similarly, it seems that it has been a while since the blog was updated with fresh content, with the last post being made around a month back. This definitely isn’t a good sign of a blog that intends to become one of the top sites on the education system in India.

  • Clothes
  • GoKhoj – A Slightly “Distracted” Shopping Blog

    While there are many shopping-related blogs out there, not many of them are focused around a few products. Although that may be both good and bad, those who are looking for in-depth information about some particular products may really be pleased with shopping blogs specifically dedicated to those products.

    An Overview

    Gokhoj.com seems to be one such shopping blog that’s based around a few products, including footwear, gift baskets and watches. While it mentions in its “About Us” page that it intends to cover many more products, it posts really in-depth information about the ones it currently covers.

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    That being said, the blog currently doesn’t seem to be ideal for readers who are looking for information on a wide range of products or all-round shopping advice for that matter, but rather a specific group of potential buyers interested in the particular products it posts about.

    However, if it really starts following what it plans to and starts covering many other (more popular) products in detail, it can certainly become a very good source of quality information for all-round shopping needs.

    A Major Downside

    It’s probably worth pointing out that the blog has been posting about kind of weird topics lately, which are neither related to the theme of the blog nor seem to be about any popular products the readers would be interested in. While there aren’t many posts on such topics, we think it may decrease the value of overall information shared, simply because they may put off many readers (the first-time visitors in particular).

    More to Come?

    Apparently, the blog would start posting soon about newer and a wider range of products, given that it claims to be based around many broad categories of products such as clothes, fashion accessories, jewelry, and more.

  • Earn Money
  • KhojIndya – An Internet Marketing Blog That Manages to Stand Out!

    KhojIndya is an internet marketing blog that regularly posts about various different methods to make money online. The reason we think it really stands out is simply because it shares genuine information, doesn’t try to sell any get-rich-quick programs or aggressively push readers to subscribe to their email newsletters.

    What Does it Offer?

    While most of its posts seem to be focused around helping beginners get started with internet marketing, there are also quite a few posts that talk about advanced topics and help offline business owners take their business online.

    Apparently, it seems to be serving its purpose well, especially when it comes to training beginner to get into internet marketing without getting their fingers burned.

    There a wide range of topics covered, with the ones such as affiliate marketing and freelancing getting more attention than others, perhaps because they are considered to be the most newbie-friendly methods.

    A Look at the Design

    The design isn’t one of the most appealing or fancy ones out there, but it surely seems to be simple enough to make it easy for pretty much anyone, including those without a technical background, to find the information they are looking for.

    We really like how the blog chooses a very polite and soft way of attracting email subscribers, with just a little sidebar on the top right. This is seems to be very relieving for readers as most internet marketing blogs literally “force” their readers to subscribe to their email list.

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    The site is easy to navigate as well, so there really isn’t anything to complain about on this front.

    Quality of Content

    Content is obviously one of the most important factors when it comes to any blog out there. Even if the design is the best you have ever come across and the topics covered are tremendously interesting or useful, it still wouldn’t be a great blog unless the quality of content it posts is really top notch.

    That being said, KhojIndya doesn’t really disappoint on this front as well. While there are slight differences in the quality of its posts, most of them seem to be reasonably good quality, with pretty much no grammatical errors and being easy to understand.

    Our Final Call

    KhojIndya can definitely turn out to be a very useful blog for anyone looking to get started with internet marketing, or take their online marketing success to the next level for that matter.